Certarus, Hexagon Composites sign CNG, RNG systems agreement

Hexagon Composites's subsidiaries have signed a multi-year agreement with Certarus for the supply of distribution models for compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel storage systems for Certarus’s heavy-duty truck fleet.

Under the agreement with Certarus, which specialises in clean energy solutions, Hexagon Agility received an initial order for Mobile Pipeline® modules and CNG/RNG fuel storage systems, with a total order value of $18.5 million (€15.4 million).

The modules and trucks will further expand Certarus’s fleet of MobilePipeline trailers which is already the largest Type 4 composite fleet in the world. The new equipment will be deployed to meet the growing demand for safe, cost-effective transport of RNG.

Seung Baik, president of Hexagon Agility, said: “This agreement reinforces the strong relationship between Certarus and Hexagon Group and our commitment to Clean Air Everywhere. Our comprehensive portfolio of g-mobility and e-mobility solutions enables us to meet our customers’ demands today, tomorrow, and well into the future.”

Under the agreement, Hexagon Purus also received an initial order for SMARTSTORE® hydrogen distribution modules, with an estimated value of $3.2 million (€2.6 million). The modules will deliver hydrogen for mobility applications.

“We’re excited to be working with a long time Hexagon customer as they expand into hydrogen solutions,” commented Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus.

“Certarus is a pioneer in gas distribution and brings a wealth of experience to our collaboration as we innovate our hydrogen portfolio.”

Curtis Philippon, president and CEO of Certarus, added: “Thanks to the ongoing partnership between Certarus and Hexagon, we have the technology and equipment in place to support the growth of the RNG and hydrogen markets. Together, we are finding new ways to make low carbon and zero-emissions energy solutions available and affordable.”

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