CEO interview: Tan Delta Systems’ Chris Greenwood

Tan Delta Systems’ Chris Greenwood
Tan Delta Systems’ Chris Greenwood
Meet the CEO helping the global bioenergy sector reduce its oil consumption by up to 50%
Can you introduce us to Tan Delta Systems, your products and the work that you do?
Tan Delta Systems is a global leader in oil condition monitoring. In essence, our unique FSH™ sensor technology can tell you if your machine or engine is about to fail; whether and when your oil actually needs changing; and can instantly alert you to other potential oil problems — such as water ingress or any other relevant change in the performance of the oil. By analysing your oil quality at molecular level in real time, you can reduce oil consumption, reduce maintenance costs and costly downtime, and get other invaluable data insights that will help you run your machinery more efficiently and effectively. Our technology works anywhere where there is a business need to save oil, eliminate machinery failure and downtime, or plan maintenance based on need rather than arbitrary oil change intervals.
Last December, the company unveiled its inaugural bioenergy market offering at the UK Anaerobic Digestion...

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Tan Delta Systems’ Chris Greenwood

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