CEO interview: Divert’s Ryan Begin

Ryan Begin
Ryan Begin
Ryan Begin, co-founder and CEO of Divert, gives an overview of how the company valorises food waste for anaerobic digestion
Divert is an impact technology company that creates advanced technologies and sustainable infrastructure to prevent wasted food. It provides technology, logistics and anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities to help retailers reach their sustainability goals. In doing so, it works with five Fortune 100 companies and almost 5,400 retail stores across the US.
The company processes more than 232,000 tons of wasted food a year at 10 facilities across the country. Through its collaboration with some of the nation’s largest food retailers and relationships with local food banks and non-profit groups, Divert has also facilitated the donation of more than 12.5 million pounds (5,669.9 metric tons) of food to people, rather than going to waste.
Longview facility
The company recently broke ground on a facility in Longview, Washington State. The 85,000 square foot facility is one of Divert’s new state-of-the-art Integrated Diversion & Energy facilities.
"The Longview facility will process food waste that...

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Ryan Begin

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