CEO interview: Bioenergy Devco’s Shawn Kreloff

Shawn Kreloff, BDC CEO
Shawn Kreloff, BDC CEO
Last September, Bioenergy Devco (BDC), the North American division of BTS Bioenergy, received permitting approval for construction of its organics recycling facility at its Bioenergy Innovation Center in Seaford, Delaware in the US. Shawn Kreloff, BDC CEO, tells Bioenergy Insight more.
BDC collaborates with businesses, communities and governments to address the challenge of organic food waste at scale utilising a natural anaerobic digestion (AD) process.
The company has built over 250 anaerobic digesters around Europe and the US over its 25-year history, and manages 140 anaerobic digesters.
Seaford facility
Its Bioenergy Innovation Center in Seaford has been part of the western Sussex community for more than 20 years – first operated by Perdue and by BDC since 2020.
“The Center has historically been operated as an organics composting and pelletising facility,” said Kreloff. “At the Center, we recycle poultry processing material, chicken hatchery and litter from the Delmarva Peninsula chicken industry to create high-grade organic compost which improves crops and plants on local farms and gardens. The...

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Shawn Kreloff, BDC CEO

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