CEG delivers BioCoal pellets to European customer

Clean Electricity Generation (CEG) has delivered CEG BioCoal pellets for its first programme of customer trials.

The pellets are a renewable biomass drop-in replacement for coal, with customer trials in support of Baltania, which is a planned commercial-scale BioCoal pellet production plant located in Estonia.

According to the release, CEG will supply eight torrefaction reactors to Baltania, for a total output of 157,000 tonnes of pellets per year.

The company currently operates two full-scale torrefaction reactors through its UK entity, Bio2Carbon, in Derby. The facility produces torrefied CEG BioCoal for utility boiler trials.

A total of 200 tonnes of pellets were shipped from CEG’s storage facility in the UK to a district heating system end user in France.

Test burns were carried out between 27 April and 30 April, with successful results at all levels of co-firing, including 100% BioCoal pellets.

The transaction was carried out by Cleantek Trade, which is the first trader to successfully market BioCoal pellets to utility companies.

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