Cedar Grove makes biogas from food

In a bid to incorporate anaerobic digestion into its composting process, organic recycling firm Ceder Grove Composting has ventured with Germany-based green energy producer BioFerm Energy.

‘Cedar Grove is always seeking proven new technologies to bring waste materials to a higher use, for example, turning food waste into compost or energy,’ Ceder Grove Composting’s CEO Steve Banchero said. ‘Cedar Grove is moving into the next realm of its development, the creation of green energy from food scraps that were once destined for a land fill. This is the closed loop business model that is our core competency and focus.’

The project, which will involve the installation of a high-solids anaerobic digester, is thought to be one of the largest of its kind in the US, utilising food waste and outside scraps for the production of biogas.

‘Our model is to continue to make quality products from materials that are otherwise destined for the landfill and sell them back into our local market. We are currently looking to secure contracts for sale of electricity or natural gas in order to complete our digester business plan,’ continued Banchero.

The project is currently in the engineering and design stage but once it becomes fully operational it will have the capacity to generate electricity for 400 households or enough fuel to power 1,100 cars each year.

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