Cargill sells Idaho biogas plant

Camco Clean Energy in the UK has acquired Cargill's biogas plant Hansen, Idaho in the US for $2.9 million (€2 million).

The plant uses cattle manure sourced from Bettencourt Dairies for the production of 2.1MW an hour of renewable electricity, which is sold to Idaho Power. This is now the second Camco-owned biogas plant in the state's Magic Valley.

'The waste material flows through a series of pipes and pumps and concrete puts to our biodigester,' Greg Wold, former operations manager at Cargill's Hansen plant, was quoted as saying. 'The biodigester converts the manure to methane, which we burn in large engines that is converted to run generators. The remaining material is a liquid waste that goes into dairy lagoons.'

The now former Cargill plant cost $8.5 million to build and began operating in August 2008, producing methane from manure. A 10-year power purchase agreement between Cargill and Idaho Power was approved in 2010 by state utility regulators.

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