Carbon dioxide research receives Californian grant

Sustainable oil and chemicals company Kiverdi has received a grant from the California Energy Commission’s Research, Demonstration and Development programme.

A total of $747,126 (€578,450) has been made available and which Kiverdi will put into research to developing beneficial uses for carbon dioxide.

‘The Commission applauds Kiverdi's technology which captures and converts waste carbon dioxide at power plants,’ said Commission chairman Robert Weisenmiller. ’This project will aid California in achieving its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, while producing high value oils for consumers.’

Kiverdi's proprietary carbon technology transforms carbon from industrial flue gases into oils and chemicals, including palm oil and palm kernel oil replacements, as it addresses the growing demand for cost-competitive, sustainably sourced products that have a low-carbon footprint and do not rely upon diverted food crops.

‘Public backing in California is an essential ingredient in the quest to move beyond a fossil fuels-based economy. This grant will help us accelerate the development of our waste carbon conversion platform technology,’ adds Kiverdi CEO Lisa Dyson.

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