Capstone Turbine Corp receives order for biogas project in Japan

Capstone Turbine Corporation (Capstone), a clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has received an order for its 800 kW C800 Signature Series for a biogas project in Japan.

The project in the city of Handa in Aichi Prefecture will utilise agricultural and animal waste to generate clean energy for the Biokursix Handa biogas power generation facility. Kanamoto, Capstone's exclusive distributor in Japan, secured the order for the biogas-fuelled turbine, which is expected to be commissioned in late 2020.

The 800 kW microturbine will be installed in 'grid connect mode', enabling the customer to operate with the utility grid in a load sharing capacity. The plant will produce 'a considerable amount' of biogas, using anaerobic digestion. The new facility is expected to be completed in 2021.

Darren Jamison, president and CEO of Capstone, said: "Prior to the Fukushima nuclear accident, power generation in Japan was dominated by nuclear and fossil fuels. However, since Fukushima, Japan has been striving to expand its renewable energy generation capacity to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels.

"Japan has one of the largest biogas markets globally and the government aims to double generation by 2030. At Capstone Turbine, markets for biogas, wastewater, landfills and breweries continue to grow and today make up 15% of our total revenue for the nine months ended 31 December 2019, compared to only 8% in the same period last year.

Initial plans for the biogas-powered facility began in 2016, with the goal of creating a sustainable closed-loop system through resource recovery, according to Capstone. As part of the Biomass Industrial City Initiative, the facility is pursuing multiple commercialisation projects centred on biogas power generation. Some of the initiatives include utilising clean exhaust heat and gas from the Capstone microturbine to power facility processes and selling surplus power back to the grid.

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