Capstone to provide biogas-based system for wastewater facility

Capstone Green Energy (formerly Capstone Turbine Corporation) has received a contract for a microturbine system to operate grid-connected on biogas at a wastewater treatment facility in Central America.

The new Capstone Signature Series C1000S system, slated to be commissioned in November, is expected to allow the site to reduce the amount of electricity needed to be purchased from the local utility.

As a biogas-based system, the configuration will capture the methane produced by the anaerobic digesters and use it to fuel the C1000S system. Due to the coastal location, the system will include a high humidity enclosure, helping to minimise the effects of the climate and helps ensure equipment reliability.

Capstone has appointed DTC Machinery, the company’s distributor in Central America, to provide support once the system is installed and commissioned.

“Thanks to the anaerobic digesters, the plant essentially has access to free fuel,” said Jim Crouse, Capstone Green Energy’s chief revenue officer.

“In addition, the methane produced will no longer need to be flared off into the atmosphere, which will reduce the plant’s emissions and improve air quality for local communities.”

Darren Jamison, president and CEO of Capstone Green Energy, commented: “The addition of a biogas-based microturbine system at a wastewater treatment facility is essentially a win-win for everyone involved.

“Not only does it provide long-term cost savings and environmental benefits, but it also offers greater energy independence and reliability. We believe it’s truly an ideal solution for these types of facilities.”

Capstone Green Energy is focused on increasing the use of biogas and other renewable fuels. In fiscal year 2021, 13% of its revenues were derived from biogas-to-energy projects, or other renewable fuels.


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