Canola for biodiesel contract signed in Washington

Pacific Coast Canola, a subsidiary of US-based crop processor Legumex Walker, has signed a six-month contract to deliver canola oil to biofuels company Imperium Renewables.

The so-called ‘super degummed’ feedstock will be delivered by truck to Imperium’s refinery in Hoquiam.

‘The biofuel industry is an important complementary market for our canola oil, and crush margins for oil produced for that market are currently in line with oil produced for our core food processing market,’ says Joel Horn, CEO of Legumex Walker. ‘Importantly, the Imperium business, because it will be delivered by truck, helps relieve the outbound logistical challenges we are facing due to a North America‐wide rail congestion problem.’

Imperium’s Hoquaim facility is believed to be the world’s largest BQ-9000 certified biodiesel refinery, capable of processing up to 100 million gallons of B100 a year.

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