Canadian company eye biogas plant potential

International trade and planning company Trade 360 has earmarked the site of a former pickle factory in Delhi, Ontario as a potential biogas plant home.

Canadian-based Trade 360 purchased the 76 acre site from Smucker Foods, parent company of pickle producers Bick, and believes it could become a major destination for green bin waste from the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Canada.

‘I refuse to believe a facility of that engineering level can’t be used for something productive,’ Trade 360 CEO Pat Forbes was quoted as saying. ‘If we can’t use that to build an anaerobic digester, we will find another use for it.’

Trade 360 held a meeting with local residents near the site in August as some were concerned that, with 600 tanks covering 10 acres, any new plant could bring with it potential odour problems. Forbes gave assurances that green bin waste can be processed with minimal impact on the surrounding community.

‘Europeans have been doing it for year and that is with 8,000 anaerobic digesters across the continent to contend with,’ he said.

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