Campaigners disappointed with outcome of plant

A renewable energy plant has received governmental approval, despite the application being refused 12 months ago.

Proposed by technology provider W4B for Avonmouth, Bristol, in the UK, the plant will utilise palm oil for the production of biopower. This did not sit well with critics and the plant was slammed for using a fuel which contributes to rainforest deforestation. The power station was then refused by city councillors back in February 2010 when they voted 6-2 against it.

Nevertheless, the secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles has approved it on appeal, subject to a number of conditions. These include only using a fuel that complies with sustainability standards. In a report Pickles states: 'Given the current controversy about bioliquids...the council and other objectors acted reasonably in wanting to test evidence on this matter.'

The council now has six weeks in which it can challenge Pickles' decision through the High Court.

Should the plant be given the go-ahead, W4B explains that it would generate enough energy to power 25,000 households.

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