Cambi signs contract with Western Australia’s largest wastewater treatment plant

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Cambi has signed a contract for the Woodman Point Water Resource Recovery Facility, the largest wastewater treatment plant in Perth and in Western Australia.
The facility, owned by Water Corporation, will utilise thermal hydrolysis process (THP) technology to increase sludge treatment capacity without needing to build additional digesters.
This will enable the utility to achieve its goal of continued recovery of 100% of its biosolids for beneficial reuse.
"We're eager to help Woodman Point make this shift towards innovative sludge treatment, the latest step undertaken to make it into one of the most efficient wastewater treatment facilities of its kind.
"THP will help Water Corporation address the increase in sludge treatment to 120 tonnes of dried solids per day, increase renewable energy production, and achieve better energy balance," said Cambi CEO Eirik Fadnes.
Biosolids from the new facility will be used as fertiliser for broad-acre crops and in forestry applications while biogas will be used as an energy source either on-site or within industries.
Woodman Point currently caters to 900,000residential, commercial and industrial customers, in Perth's southern metropolitan area.
Cambi is set to work with the Integrate Alliance, which comprises the end user and client Water Corporation, Clough Projects Australia, and Jacobs Group (Australia).
Delivery of the THP system is expected in mid 2025 with handover to the client to occur in early 2026.


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