California’s organics recycling mandate comes into effect

The State of California’s new organics recycling mandate came into effect on 1 January.

Senate Bill 1383 requires organic waste materials, such as food and green waste, to be diverted from landfills to be used in renewable energy, compost and mulch. The mandate applies to residents and business owners in California.

The bill, passed in 2016, requires all jurisdictions (city, county) to provide organics collection services by 2024. Specifically, organic waste includes food, green material, landscape and pruning waste, organic textiles and carpets, lumber, wood, paper products, printing and writing paper, manure, biosolids, digestate and sludges.

Jurisdictions can choose from a range of organic waste collection services to match their unique communities and local infrastructure while producing clean streams of organic feedstock that can be recycled into high-quality, marketable recycled products, including renewable energy, according to CalRecycle.

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