BÜTTNER returns to belt dryers in SWISS COMBI collaboration

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A globally operating supplier of burners as well as drying and energy plants, BÜTTNER – a member of the Siempelkamp Group – is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Carsten Otto, head of sales, tells Bioenergy Insight about the company’s new collaboration with SWISS COMBI.
Otto’s work with BÜTTNER began in 1995, which is when the organisation was founded anew, following a history of belonging to different groups.
“When we started, we had six or seven dryer orders on the table. There were only 10 of us, and it was a very challenging time.
“I would say 99% of our work was in the wood-based panel industry, but later the pellet industry became a very important market for us. We also had some orders in the sugar industry, sugar beet drying, and also for special tasks in the chemical industry.”
In 2007, Siempelkamp acquired the energy plant business from Metso and gave it to BÜTTNER in 2012 because dryers and energy plants fit together.
“From 2012, we sold a lot of complete lines – energy plants plus dryer – we established a very good integrated automation system. The response from the market was...

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