Buccleuch BioEnergy wins major contract

In Aberdeen, UK, Buccleuch BioEnergy, a supplier and installer of industrial and commercial scale biomass boiler systems, has secured a contract to supply and install a biomass steam boiler within NHS Grampian’s new energy centre on the Foresterhill health campus.

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and the University of Aberdeen Medical School are all built on the campus.

Austria-headquartered manufacturing firm Kohlbach has developed the new facility. Operating alongside a gas turbine CHP plant as well as traditional boilers, the biomass boiler will provide the campus’ energy requirements and help contribute to the Scottish government’s renewable energy targets.

The energy centre will operate through a computerised control system which enables the biomass steam boiler to feed into the hospital steam distribution system, responding to peak heat demands. The biomass system is powered by wood chips, which will be delivered and stored in walking floor lorry trailers to reduce below ground construction costs.

Speaking about the new contract, general manager at Buccleuch BioEnergy Andy Wiseman said: ‘At Foresterhill we are providing the complete biomass package from system design and specification through to equipment procurement, installation and commissioning.’

Crow House Technology awarded the contract on behalf on the NHS Grampian and a spokesperson for the company commented: ‘Crown House Technologies constantly seeks new methods of low carbon energy generation and is happy to use a government-approved sustainable source like wood fuel. The biomass steam system will be the key to achieving this and we are delighted that Buccleuch BioEnergy will be installing a Kohlbach boiler in the new energy centre for the hospital.’

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