Bruks wood chipper to support biomass boiler at Polish veneer production facility

Bruks Siwertell has been contracted to replace an existing wood chipper with a new, higher-capacity model, to enhance operations for Polish firm, Paged.

Due for delivery in early 2021, the drum chipper will be used to process veneer production waste and feed the biomass boiler at Paged’s veneer and plywood production facility in Pisz, northeast Poland.

The new model will increase processing capabilities and maximise efficiency, profitability, and sustainability for Paged. It will replace a previously-installed Bruks chipper, which was delivered in 2000 and has worked more than 100,000 hours, serving three shifts per day.

“Both original Bruks chippers have served the company very well and Paged, once again turning to Bruks Siwertell, is a great endorsement of the technology, its performance, and reliability,” said Karol Banach, investment specialist at Paged.

“Paged Pisz’s old chipper is currently still in operation, but to keep pace with production demands, a higher capacity model was needed.”

The replacement system will have a loose chips processing capacity of 60m3/h, delivered through an increased infeed height and width, and a more powerful 160 kW main motor.

“Paged is focused on sustainability,” said Bruks’ sales manager, Andreas Hürten. “It is trying to reduce its reliance, as much as possible, on fossil fuels, using waste wood as a valuable resource.

“With the increased capacity delivered by the new chipper, we can help Paged to maximise the facility’s wood processing capabilities, ensuring the most efficient and profitable operation.”

Along with the new drum chipper, Bruks will deliver an infeed belt conveyor equipped with a metal detector to prevent any tramp material damaging the equipment. On the other side of the chipper, the firm will install a scraper conveyor for transporting the wood chips onward and connecting them with Paged’s existing conveyor network.”

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