Bruks mobile chipper to aid pellet production in Canada

Bruks Siwertell will supply a mobile chipper for J.D. Irving’s Irving Woodland’s division – one of the largest forestry landholders in Canada.

The chipper will process forest residues into mini chips for pellet production at J.D. Irving’s Grand River Pellet Plant in Saint Leonard, New Brunswick.

Irving Woodlands will benefit from the ability to turn existing slash piles, tops, branches and forest residuals into mini chips for wood pellet production or boiler fuel chips, generating energy from forest materials that would otherwise have been left in the forest to decompose.

“An added benefit of in-woods chipping is enhancing fire abatement by removing tinder from the forest floor, which is an ongoing crucial concern for urban communities in Canada surrounded by forests,” said Joanne Turnell, sales representative Canada, for Bruks Siwertell. “This chipper is a win-win.”

Every year, Irving Woodlands grows more wood than it harvests, stating that part of its sustainable forestry strategy means that it harvests less than 2% of its land base annually.

“The new Bruks chipper allows for forest-based chipping, which works exceptionally well with selective logging where trees are placed in a pile and the chipper can access them,” said Turnell.

“The chipper ensures a higher quality of small wood chips, between 2.5 and 3.8 centimetres, which are debris-free. This smaller-than-average pulp mill chip works well with the pelleting process.”

The chipper features a side infeed and high-dumping chip bin and can be installed on forwarders, trucks, or other types of vehicles. It has two types of chipping knives, which enables the production of mini chips for the pellet plant and, with a simple drum change, biofuel chips for the boiler.

It is characterised by consistent, high capacity chip discharge and processes hardwood and softwood logs up to around 50 cm in diameter ‘with ease’. It will enter operations later this year.

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