Brightmark Energy and Larson Family Farms partner on Florida, US biogas project

California, US-based Brightmark Energy has partnered with four dairy farms in central Florida on a biogas project. Brightmark and Larson Family Farms will build three anaerobic digesters to convert a total of 230,000 tonnes of dairy manure per year from 9,900 cows into biogas.

Brightmark will develop, own and operate the project in Okeechobee Country, Florida. Once the project is complete, the digesters are expected to generate around 171,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas (RNG) annually. The gas will be delivered into the local interstate gas pipeline system.

The partnership with Larson Family Farms is the latest in a series of biogas projects launched by Brightmark Energy over the last two years. Once the Larson Family Farms project becomes operational at the end of 2021, Brightmark’s biogas projects will generate enough RNG to drive a bus 16,281,400 miles per year.

“Brightmark Energy has been a good partner in the development of this project,” said farmer Woody Larson. “We are glad the technology and economics are coming together to support our environmental and sustainability goals.

“Cows are the ultimate recyclers, creating wholesome milk from by-products of the citrus, ethanol, brewing and textile industries. This technology now also allows us to convert manure to energy and improve the environment.”

Brightmark Energy CEO Bob Powell added: “We’re proud to partner with the Larson family, who have a long history as dairy industry leaders in Florida. Projects like these help to provide additional revenue streams for farmers, reduce local air and water impacts and enhance the sustainability efforts of farmers, so this project is a win for the farmers and the local community.”

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