Bright to build first biogas upgrading system in Hungary

Bright Biomethane will build its first biogas upgrading system in Hungary.

The upgrader will be installed at a farm 100 kilometres east of Budapest. A PurePac Compact will be used to upgrade the biogas, produced from waste, to biomethane, which will then be added to the gas grid.

For this project, Bright has joined forces with local partner Omnis Epito Kft, the construction partner of Biogas Unio Zrt, the largest player in the biogas industry in Hungary. With an upgrading capacity of 400 Nm3 inlet biogas per hour, the project will provide enough RNG to power 1,500 households.

“We are developing a power-to-gas upgrade directly connected to an existing biogas plant,” said Zoltan Schwarcz, project manager at Bright.

“This upgrade will be the first in the line in Hungary and Europe, both regarding its industrial size and the method of feeding it directly with substrate from a biogas plant.”

Having a strong collaboration with local partners is key, according to Bright, which is looking forward to expanding in Hungary and other Central and Eastern European countries.

“Bright not only provides top tier gas treatment technology but also great sales support and is very passionate about our power-to-gas project,” said Schwarcz. “Bright’s gas treatment technology has the absolute preference for any future projects of ours.”

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