Bright Renewables contributes to Netherlands’ biomethane production

Credit: Bright Renewables
Credit: Bright Renewables
Bright Renewables has installed a recently-commissioned biogas upgrading system in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of Groningen.
The company said that this enables biomethane production in the country to continue to grow, as the system allows the client to deliver biomethane directly to the grid.
"The biogas upgrader provides enough biomethane to sustain the annual gas usage of circa 1,150 Dutch households," according to Bright Renewables.
It went on to say that its system has an advantage over a combined heat and power solution, because biomethane is more valuable, and is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
"This biogas upgrading unit has ≥ 99.5% efficiency and has heat recovery - ensuring minimal energy consumption," said the company.
"These containers may look simple, but they contribute to the continuous 'greening' of the gas network across the world. We are currently constructing two other biomethane projects in the Netherlands and a number of projects in other countries. We will make sure to share more about this later!" concluded Bright Renewables.
Credit: Bright Renewables

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