Bright Renewables announces Sweden’s first biogas CCU facility

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Dutch clean energy technology provider Bright Renewables has won a technical tender from Swedish multi-utility energy company Tekniska Verken for the supply of CO2 liquefaction technology.
The system, which will purify and liquefy carbon dioxide (CO2) from biogas production, will be installed at the Svensk Biogas plant in Linköping.
The facility is set to produce 20,000 tons of food-grade quality bioCO2 each year, and is expected to be completed before next summer in 2025.
The project represents Sweden's first carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) facility utilising biogas.
Niraj Kunkulol, representative for the Scandinavian market at Bright Renewables, said: “CO2 liquefaction technology provides environmental and operational advantages. By recovering CO2 from biogas upgrading, it prevents atmospheric release, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This technology also produces high-quality, food-grade bioCO2, a valuable resource for industries like food and beverages”.
Additionally: “Incorporating a CO2 liquefier into clean energy systems optimizes carbon intensity scores and boosts efficiency. Using CO2 as a natural refrigerant in our system, an environmentally friendlier alternative to Freon and ammonia, enhances sustainability. In biogas applications, it maximises methane use and minimises methane slip. We are pleased to see these enhancements increase resource efficiency for Tekniska Verken.”

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