Bright Renewables adds five new biogas upgraders to its Scotland portfolio

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Having completed a successful previous project in Scotland, Bright Renewables has been contracted by the same client for five new projects in Scotland.
For four of these projects, Bright will
realise biogas upgrading systems. For the fifth project, Bright will realise a biogas upgrader and a CO2 liquefaction system. The liquid bio-CO2 will be marketed by the client and the biomethane will be injected into the national grid of Scotland, SGN (Scotia Gas Networks).
“We are proud to be contracted to complete five follow-up projects for the same client. With these projects we continue our strong collaboration. The UK government encourages green gas production through the GGSS (Green Gas Support Scheme), which allows for projects like these to be realised. With the preparation of our CO2 liquefaction system, an even better carbon footprint is achieved. Our CO2 units are also very suitable for retrofitting at existing biogas upgrader units.", said Jeffrey Kruit, sales engineer at Bright Renewables.
At the Scottish biogas production facilities, the biogas from various waste streams, will be upgraded to biomethane using membrane biogas upgrading technology. The biogas upgraders – the PurePac Grand – have a capacity of 1,600 Nm3/hr of ingoing biogas and can be extended to 1,800 Nm3/hr by retrofitting membrane modules.
CO liquefaction 
The CO2 liquefaction plant that Bright will realise for one of the five projects, has a capacity of 1,500kg liquid CO2 per hour. By extending the biogas upgrading unit with a CO2 liquefaction system the gaseous CO2 that is produced during the upgrading is liquefied. The in-house technology applies clean circular cooling with CO2 from its own process as a refrigerant. No Freon or Ammonia is used in this process. The technology is a containerised solution for plug & play installation on-site with a quick start-up.  

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