Bright Biomethane’s new project in Scotland

In a recent press release, supplier of membrane biogas upgrading systems, Bright Biomethane has announced the construction of its first project in Scotland is set to start soon.

The construction of the modular and compact biogas upgrading system will take place in the north of Scotland, and will be producing sustainable biomethane from various wastes and residues.

Bright Biomethane states that the new gas-to-grid system will initially be suitable for 1,000 Nmᶾ ingoing biogas per hour and will upgrade the biogas to 600 Nmᶾ of biomethane per hour. The system will also be able to extend to 1,200 Nmᶾ of biogas per hour, which will result in a flow of 720 Nmᶾ of biomethane per hour.   

After upgrading, the produced biomethane will be directly delivered to the national gas grid. The sustainable gas can be used for cooking and heating and is will also be sufficient for approximately 2,600 Scottish households and 3,100 households in the future. Alternatively, Bright Biomethane has said that the produced gas can be used as CNG (vehicle fuel).

Scotland currently has 14 biomethane facilities, with a total of 85 in the UK according to the 2018 European Biomethane Map. Bright Biomethane’s sales manager, Maarten Holtkamp said, “A number of projects in the UK are under construction and more orders in the UK are expected in the short term.”

In addition to the production of biomethane, the system can also be extended with a Bright CO2-liquefaction plant to recover and liquefy the CO2. The liquefied CO2 will have food-grade quality and could be used in the food and beverage industry, greenhouses, refrigeration sector and at slaughterhouses.



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