Bright Biomethane opens North America office to fuel future growth

Bright Biomethane opened its first North American office in response to growing business and increasing demand for renewable natural gas (RNG) solutions in North America. Bright Biomethane North America is working on the first five projects, which are being realized in the Northeast of the Unites States.

Bright Biomethane North America office will lay the basis for future growth in this market together with strategic partner Martin Energy Group. The office is responsible to supply biogas upgrading systems with membrane separation technology for the refining of biogas from biomass to biomethane. This renewable natural gas can be used as natural gas substitute for direct grid injection, compression to CNG or liquefaction to LNG as fuel for natural gas vehicles (NGV). Bright Biomethane’s virtual pipeline solutions allow transport of the CNG to any part of North America. “This new office reflects our dedication to fuel our future growth, but also to fuel the future growth of renewable natural gas in North America with our proven biogas upgrading system. Our virtual pipeline solutions ensure that the renewable gas is readily available for natural gas replacement anywhere,” says sales director Maarten Holtkamp. 

Martin Energy Group is specialized in the supply and service of various energy systems including in-house electrical and mechanical engineering solutions. “Martin Energy Group has large experience in the biogas industry and is our very highly regarded partner in local manufacturing and in providing service in every state of the USA and in Canada. By establishing this collaboration we are able to further enhance our business and product offerings in this market, serving a wide variety of industries,” says CEO Herman Klein Teeselink.

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