Bright Biomethane finalises human waste-to-biomethane project

Bright Biomethane has finalised a biomethane project in the Netherlands, transforming faeces and sewage sludge into biogas.

The project at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Sleeuwijk sees waste from people in the region of Altena in the province of North-Brabant processed into biomethane.

Bright Biomethane supplied the biogas upgrading system for the project. The first renewable gas was distributed through grid operator Enexis’s gas grid on 22 December.

Biogas produced from sewage sludge or any other waste stream is not suitable for the gas grid due to its low methane content. In the Netherlands, a methane content of 89% is needed for distribution through the gas grid. Therefore, the biogas is upgraded to biomethane with 89% methane content using a PurePac Compact from Bright Biomethane.

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