Brewery to install anaerobic digester

A brewery based in Cornwall, UK, is expanding its facility to install an anaerobic digestion system which includes an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket which will convert the brewery’s waste liquid into heat and power.

The technology, which is costing £1 million (€1.2 million), works by a three stage treatment process, which is being installed by Truro-based H2OK Water and Energy. The process turns the excess liquid into biogas which generates the heating and power systems on the site, reducing the amount of waste liquid being sent to a nearby water treatment plant by 80%.

The project is scheduled for completion by April, and H2OK has partnered with Dutch company, Nijhuis, in order to be provided with anaerobic digestion technology.

Emma Bebbington, general manager at Sharp's Brewery, says: ‘The anaerobic digestion system is a big step forward in helping us to become one of the most environmentally friendly breweries in the UK.’

H2OK's associate director, Brian Scheffe tells Biofuels International that 300m³ a day of brewery waste is expected to generate more than 1300Nm³ a day of biogas.

He says: ‘The system is will provide not only environmental benefits but financial paybacks. We are unsure how many UASB systems are in place at breweries in the UK, but the UASB at Sharps Brewery is the first of its kind in the south west of the UK.’

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