BrewDog to use DMT’s biogas upgrading technology

BrewDog has teamed up with DMT Environmental Technology to reduce emissions at its site in Ellon, Scotland.

At many breweries, the rinse water is used in the brewing process is purified and reused. The wastewater treatment plant at the BrewDog HQ bio-plant will reduce the water usage of the brewery by 50%.

A waste stream containing sludge is released during this purification process. This sludge is transferred to a digester and here a digestion process takes place in which biogas is produced. The biogas at BrewDog’s site has a typical biogas composition, 55% methane and 44% CO2, and some gases with impurities, such as H2S.

Biogas upgrading involves separating the gas into main streams; one main stream will be almost 100% pure CO2 and the other stream, biomethane, will be above 90%. The CO2 can be reused in the brewing process, reducing CO2 emissions and closing the circle by using the CO2 as a product that would otherwise have gone to waste.

DMT will supply the biogas upgrading technology with a capacity to clean 600 Nm3 per hour. The biogas upgrading facility is a key part of BrewDog’s zero-emissions goals and is expected to inject the first gas to SGN’s gas grid in February 2022.

“BrewDog is the perfect example of what can be achieved not only through their core brewery operations,” said Stephen McCulloch, business director at DMT. “Add their considerable efforts in BrewDog Forest, and the world’s first carbon-negative brewery, proving the determination in their mission to reduce carbon emissions is more than just words.”

DMT’s UK team will take care of the daily management of the scope, working together with SGN and its partner Heat & Power Services to ensure timely delivery of the project.

The Renewable Heat Incentive deadline is 31 March 2022, therefore, the next 12 months are ‘critical’ for biogas upgrading projects, said DMT.

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