Brazil’s first biogas-fired plant using pig manure begins operations

Brazil’s Parana state government has announced the operation of the country’s first biogas-fired plant to rely on pig manure for its fuel.

The project, which cost BRL 17 million (€4.48 million) and was financially supported by power utility company Copel, created two 240kW motor-generators enabling the plant to produce around 3,000 MWh annually. It will consume around 5,000 cubic metres of biogas per day.

The facility in southern Brazil will be fed biogas produced with the help of biodigesters, transforming the waste of approximately 40,000 pigs from 18 local farms. The power output of the new plant will be used to power 72 public buildings in the municipality of Entre Rios do Oeste.

Farmers involved in the innovative project will receive monthly payments for the volume of biogas supplied to the network.

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