BP Biofuels signs on for feedstock research

Fuel brand BP Biofuels has signed a three year agreement to work alongside Texas AgriLife Research (TAR) in developing feedstocks in the US Gulf coast.

The team at TAR will focus on production agronomics and plant breeding, while also concentrating on researching new varieties of energy cane, napiergrass, pearl-millet, miscane and kinggrass.

‘The goal is to develop a pipeline of genetics for biomass feedstocks and production guidelines which should then bring the opportunity to commercialise the programme through a license,’ says technology VP at BP Biofuels Tom Campbell.

According to the director of AgriLife Research, Craig Nessler, both the agronomics and breeding areas require an equal allocation of resources.

‘In terms of breeding it is important that a pipeline of genetics is developed for crop adaptation, improved yield and abiotic/biotic stress tolerance,” he says. ‘Agronomics need to allow for technology transfer to a producer’s field and it needs to offer consistent guidelines for production ranging from feedstock establishment to harvest logistics.’

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