Bp, Aria Energy announce dairy RNG project in California

Bp and Aria Energy will capture methane from waste at three California dairy farms and process it into renewable natural gas (RNG) via a new project.

Digesters will be installed at three dairy farms in California’s Central Valley, producing biogas from farm waste rather than allowing it to decompose and release methane into the atmosphere. The biogas will then be converted to RNG for use as a transport fuel.

The project, called RNG Moovers, combines the expertise of Aria Energy, which specialises in capturing biogas from organic waste and refining it to RNG; Aligned Digesters, contributing experience in constructing and operating digesters, as well as decades-long relationships with dairy owners; and bp, delivering the RNG to the transport sector through a 20-year offtake agreement executed by its low carbon trading business.

“This is a great opportunity to expand our RNG business and help meet the growing demand for natural gas vehicle fuel,” said Sean Reavis, senior vice-president at bp low carbon and trading.

“RNG can play an important role in decarbonising the transportation sector and helping bp and the world get to net-zero emissions.”

Agriculture accounts for nearly 10% of US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Capturing methane from farm waste can lower these emissions. RNG-fuelled vehicles are estimated to result in up to 95% lower emissions than those fuelled by petrol or diesel on a lifecycle basis.

Kevin Soares, owner of Soares Dairy Farms, one of the project’s three dairy farms, said: “We really wanted to find a solution to help contribute to the reduction of GHGs on our dairy farm, but our ownership group was sceptical about the long-term prognosis of the project.

“When these unique partners met with us, we were confident the right parties were involved.”

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