Born Global Slip-Stream Challenge launched to help boost bio-based projects

A new programme called the Born Global Slip-Stream Challenge has been launched to help to drive the development and commercialisation of products like biochar, wood ash, CO2, lignin, waxes and C5/C6 sugars.

The aim of the project is to work towards a goal to improve the overall profitability of bio-based projects and create replicable models for deployment in the US and Europe.

This challenge is the sister project to the Maine Born Global Innovation Challenge – which addresses the global shift to a bio-economy and invites worldwide innovation into real projects and real revenues within the US state of Maine.

That challenge aimed to “commercialise innovative technologies by providing physical locations and real projects for market expansion and value creation. Companies of complementary technologies will be grouped into project teams, assigned to specific power plant locations, given funding for business/implementation plans and provided with investment/project financing for project execution”.

In a statement, its organisers said: “The Challenge has proven to be a success to-date with 14 companies continuing through prequalification (chosen out of 56 applicants) and a deep due diligence process. The Challenge will result in the construction of 2-3 utilisation pathways for woody biomass that will be developed into finance-able business plans for implementation within the state of Maine.”

This story was written by Liz Gyekye, editor of Bioenergy Insight and Biofuels International.

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