Bonett opens its 10th CNG filling station in Prague

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Czechia's largest compressed natural gas (CNG) retailer Bonett has opened its 10th CNG filling station in Prague. It is a public self-service station with non-stop operation on Bělohorská Street in Vypich, in the western part of greater Prague.
The CNG stand is part of an existing filling station for conventional fossil fuels and thus expands its portfolio of fuels offered.
"The filling plant at Bělohorská shortens the range of customers to the CNG source. Our nearest stations have so far been located in Stodůlky and Barrandov. It is the 10th Bonett public station in Prague and the 52nd in the Czech Republic," said Václav Holovčák, member of the Board of Directors of Bonett Group.
Bonett buys almost 100% biomethane for its customers. It has been engaged in the construction of the infrastructure of its own CNG stations since 2006 and currently owns and operates more than a fifth of all gas stations in Czechia.
"Biomethane is the most environmentally friendly renewable fuel today and we see great potential in it. We have already invested almost half a billion CZK (€21m) in the development of gas mobility and we want to actively continue in the development of this sector," said Holovčák.
According to statistics from the Czech Gas Association, a total of 30,085 CNG-powered vehicles were driving on Czech roads last year, of which 27,895 were passenger cars and vans (these are especially popular with delivery services). The rest are buses.
For comparison, the number of highly publicised electric cars in the country was about half at the end of last year. said Bonett. According to the Transport Research Centre, there were 15,404 vehicles in the passenger cars and vans category.
"The cost of running a CNG car today is about 40% lower than conventional fuels. In addition, the gas does not contain dust particles, produces less nitrogen and CO2 emissions, and the operation of the car is noticeably quieter. We rely on biogas mobility and intensively look for other options for the construction of new filling plants and clients," concluded Holovčák.

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