Blue Sugars targets Brazilian ethanol producers

US-based producer of cellulosic ethanol Blue Sugars is set to provide three Brazilian sugar cane mills with its technology by 2015.

It has been reported that at least five Brazilian ethanol producers have visited Blue Sugars’ demonstration plant in Wyoming throughout this year to evaluate the technology on offer.

Blue Sugars, formerly known as KL Energy, has been working with Petrobras since 2010 and Brazil is a commercial focus as the country offers routes to the cheapest crop residues for ethanol production in the world as raw material is plentiful.

Petrobras will install Blue Sugars technology at one of its mills so it will be able to produce 10 million gallons of fuel a year from 120,000 tonnes of bagasse.

Petrobras also shipped in 24,000 gallons of ethanol from Blue Sugars’ facilities to supplement volumes during the global Rio+20 sustainability summit this year.

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