Blue Planet expands AD portfolio with Qube Renewables acquisition

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, based in Singapore, has acquired Qube Renewables, a firm specialising in biogas systems.

Marking its third acquisition this year, Qube Renewables has a successful track record in designing, building and deploying small-scale energy generating systems powered by biogas. These systems are especially suited to rural areas or developing countries where there are inadequate or unreliable centrally generated energy supplies, be it power, heat, cooling, or vehicle fuel.

Qube’s specific area of expertise lies in the conversion of local waste into local energy, where as much energy as possible is generated from locally sourced organic waste streams delivered in a smart, affordable modular system.

This acquisition expands Blue Planet’s existing capability in the AD sector by having three distinct technologies and approaches which enable the provision of customised organic waste management solutions that can either be adapted to service large centralised projects, processing over 200 tonnes of organic waste per day, down to small rural and community projects that process less than 500 kilograms per day.

While Qube represents Blue Planet’s third acquisition in the UK, it is also the firm’s third acquisition in the AD sector. The technologies pioneered by Qube will now enable Blue Planet to provide additional climate-friendly solutions to process all types of wet or dry organic waste into renewable energy.

“We are extremely excited about Qube joining the Blue Planet family,” said Madhujeet Chimni, founder and chairman and Blue Planet.

“This strategic acquisition not only plays a key role in improving the efficiency of our existing AD and biogas production plants but also extends our ability to deploy climate-friendly energy solutions into new, previously untapped markets.

“Sustainability and innovation have always been the key drivers of our business and Qube is a prime example of how we continue to assimilate these core principles into our projects and operations locally, regionally, and globally.”

Bradley Chew, director of Blue Planet, added: “The acquisition of Qube completes our suite of technologies for the treatment of organic wastes; our customers can now select from a choice of three distinct technological approaches but with all three having the production of environmentally-friendly biogas from AD at their core.

“Furthermore, with this acquisition, we have considerably strengthened our capability to take on a broad spectrum of projects, large and small. It will also enable us to generate higher yields of biogas recovery from our other AD technologies and thereby deliver even greater value to our customers.”

“We are delighted to become part of the Blue Planet family of much-needed technologies to address urgent social, environmental, and climate concerns,” added Qube’s founder and CEO, Mark Clayton.

“Blue Planet’s investment enables Qube to increase production of our systems, gain a wider global reach and provide extensive client support.

“This investment enables Qube to be at the forefront of innovation in the biogas sector in both technology and application to provide not only energy but the synthesis of raw materials for sustainable industry.”

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