Bloom Energy to preview highly-efficient biogas solution

California-based Bloom Energy has announced its intention to hold a preview outlining a high-efficiency solution for generating clean electricity from waste biogas.

The preview will take place at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Climate Tech Marketplace, which is an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on September 13.

According to the announcement, the preview will display how a Bloom Energy Server with a biogas clean-up module installed can generate clean electricity from biogas emitted by landfill, agricultural, waste and water treatment processes.

The prototype clean-up module will clean the biogas of moisture and contaminants, enabling its use in fuel cells while dramatically reducing methane emissions in the process.

It is outlined that the methane emitted from waste, landfill and agricultural sources has a 25 times greater impact on the environment than carbon dioxide emissions. The press release states that in 2016, methane accounted for approximately 10% of all US greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

The innovative firm continues to detail the high efficiency of the solution, alleging that their fuel cell technology has attained the highest return for converting natural gas or biogas to electricity at 65%.

Bloom Energy claims that it will continue to test the solution with customers ‘imminently.

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