BioNitrogen commissions biomass feasibility studies

BioNitrogen Holdings, a cleantech firm that builds biomass-to-fertiliser plants, has commissioned BioResource Management to conduct feasibility studies for biomass feedstock supply to its plants in Florida and Louisiana states.

BioResource Management is a forestry, geography and agriculture-based firm that focuses on biomass resources, working to identify, evaluate, predict and provide biomass supplies to its customers. Biomass feasibility studies are a key requirement leading up to tax-free bond financing to ensure that plant sites will be sustained by local biomass supplies.

'The biomass feasibility studies are a necessary prerequisite to securing competitive feedstock agreements in each location and for selling the bonds,' explains Ernie Iznaga, VP of operations. 'The studies by BioResource Management will confirm the work to date on the availability of biomass in Florida and Louisiana to provide biomass feedstock supply for the plants. Both the Florida and Louisiana studies are scheduled for completion in February.'

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