Biomethanol-from-biogas plant begins operation in Italy

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BIGSQUID (biogas-to-liquid) technology has resulted in the creation of an industrial plant capable of producing biomethanol from biogas, which is operational at the Località Giove in Città di Castello, in the province of Perugia in Italy.
The plant is the culmination of five years' of work by Politecnico di Milano and Fattoria Autonoma Tabacchi S.C., with the university stating it has solved one of the most important technological challenges towards decarbonisation.
The plant, in operation is able to produce up to 4,500 tons per year of biomethanol that can be used as an advanced fuel for the decarbonisation of agricultural and industrial transport, as well as as biochemical carbon negative (-88%) to trap CO2 and in all methanol derivatives such as chipboard, polymers, paints and glues.
The BIGSQUID technology to produce biomethanol from biogas, but also from woody biomass, was conceived by the Politecnico di Milano and in particular by the Centre for Sustainable Process Engineering Research (SuPER), directed by professor Flavio Manenti, professor of chemical plants of the department of chemistry, materials and chemical engineering Giulio Natta and patented by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Politecnico di Milano.
The BIGSQUID technology has been proposed for engineering and industrialisation at Fattoria Autonoma Tabacchi S.C., chaired by Fabio Rossi.

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