Biomethane refueling station opens near Bordeaux

Air Liquide has recently inaugurated a biomethane production unit in Cestas, near Bordeaux, France.

The new biomethane production unit uses organic matter from the agricultural sector to produce biogas, and purifies this biogas into biomethane.

As well as the biomethane facility, Air Liquide has also set up a multi energy station near the site. Biomethane from the new facility will supply the multi energy station, which distributes bio-NGV (natural gas for vehicles). According to a statement from Air Liquide, the clean non-fossil fuel reduces fine particulates emissions by 85%, CO2 emissions by 90%, and noise pollution by up to 50%.

Air Liquide states that the multi energy stations is accessible to ‘overland transportation professionals’. The facility will be open 24/7, and has capacity to refuel up to 100 trucks per day. By the end of 2018, the station will also supply liquid nitrogen to trucks equipped with cryogenic coolers used for the refrigerated transport of food products with emitting CO2 nor particulates.

Air Liquide currently operates a total of 10 biomethane production units worldwide. Its production capacity stands at 60MW, which amounts to 500GWh for a full year of production. The company has set up more than 60 bio-NGV stations around the world.


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