Biomethane-powered machinery to fix potholes in Cornwall, UK

Potholes in Cornwall, UK will be fixed by machines powered by biomethane. Construction firm Cormac is trialling the new equipment powered by biogas derived from cow manure.

Cornwall Council has been working with local clean energy company Bennemann to convert one of its road-surfacing machines to run on biomethane. According to a report by Cornwall Live, during the trial, operatives Simon Sweet and Paul Matthews used the converted pothole-repair trailer to heat the asphalt to approximately 130-140oC. Fuelling the trailer’s hot box with biomethane allowed it to retain its temperature during transportation and successfully patch-up the road surfaces.

Although testing is still ongoing, initial data suggests each converted unit could potentially reduce CO2 emissions by five tonnes per year, as well as improving fuel efficiency. A spokesperson for Cormac said: “Our aim is to expand this trial over the coming months as biomethane shows great potential as an alternative to fossil fuel. Particularly for equipment or vehicles that are unlikely to become electrically powered in the near future due to financial or technological constraints.”

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