Czech Republic biomethane plants “set to double” in 2023

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Prague-based Energy Financial Group (EFG) has observed that biomethane production increased by 16% worldwide last year, and that its share is growing in the Czech Republic.
Although there are currently just three biomethane plants with the technology to supply biogas to the distribution network, EFG said this number could double this year - with three biomethane stations planned to commence operation.
These include an agricultural biogas plant in Herálec near Humpolec and a waste plant in Mladá Boleslav. In both cases, the biomethane produced will be used directly to power city buses.
EFG, which constructed the first biomethane production plant in the Czech Republic, also plans to put another production unit into operation at one of the existing stations this year. It added that it intends to add other sources of green gas to its portfolio by 2024.
The company estimated that, within two years, it could produce more than 90 GWh of gas per year, representing 9 million m3 of biomethane.
EFG further estimated that biodegradable waste that can be used as feedstock has the potential for 66 such plants, with a total annual production of 100 million m3 biomethane.
According to the Czech Gas Association, biomethane accounted for more than a third of the total consumption of natural gas in road transport in 2022. Its growing share in the gas distribution network have led to "the boldest estimates" suggesting it could replace 10-to-15% of natural gas consumption in transport and heating by 2030.

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