Biomass Secure Power signs joint venture agreement

Biomass Secure Power (BSP) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sunyani Energy  to build a one million tonne biocoal plant in Suriname. Each party will have a 50 percent stake in the new company. 

BSP brings patented technologies and off-take agreements to the Sunyani Project. Sunyani Energy will provide plant site for construction, a long-term fibre supply agreement that is both sustainable and renewable, as well as funding for the project. Sunyani owns a port facility in Suriname from which biocoal will be exported. 

BSP has produced and supplied biocoal for lab testing. Two test samples have been produced: 21.4 GJ/t for power plants and 24.5 GJ/t for steel mills.  

The demand for biocoal is enormous - a trading company active in this field has provided information that indicates current demand for sub-bituminous coal is currently running at two billion tonnes per annum globally.  

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