Biomass plant to commence operation in Iitate, Japan

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A 7.5MW biomass plant in Iitate village, Fukushima prefecture, Japan, has completed construction and is set to begin commercial operations in mid-July, the operating company has announced.
The biomass facility will process 95,000 tons per year of unused wood and wood bark sourced from various areas in Fukushima prefecture, including those affected by a nuclear disaster, which took place in 2011.
The unit is equipped with double filters, because the biomass materials may contain radioactive substances.
The exhaust gas will continuously be monitored for radioactive materials.
The company will sell the electricity generated for two decades, under Japan's feed-in-tariff scheme, with plans to explore continued commercial operations thereafter.
The total project cost amounts to $62 million, with $34 million received from the Japanese government’s subsidy programme aimed at promoting power plant construction in Fukushima as part of revitalisation efforts.
Construction of the Iitate plant commenced in August 2022.
Operated by the joint venture Iitate Bio Partners, the plant’s ownership structure includes Japanese utility Tokyo Electric Power owning a 40% stake, while construction company Kumagai-Gumi, developer Kobelco Eco-Solution, and Tokyo Power Technology each hold a 20% share.
Tokyo Power Technology, a subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power, is located approximately 40 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

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