Biomass gasification systems to be installed at US university

Nexterra Systems is to install biomass gasification systems to heat the Missoula University campus in the US.

The system will cost a total of $16 million (€10.9 million) and will provide the campus with clean, carbon-neutral heat, converting locally sourced wood residues into 34,000 lbs/hr of clean renewable steam.

This steam will be used to displace 70% of the university’s natural gas consumption and is expected to save the campus around $1 million a year in energy bills.

The university says this is a positive step towards reducing the campus’ reliance on fossil fuels and will also help to create local jobs for fuel providers.

The new biomass energy system is expected to cut the university’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gases by about 22%, or the equivalent of removing about 2,500 cars from local roads. The university’s ultimate aim is to become carbon neutral by 2020.

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