Biomass demand to exponentially increase in Europe by 2020

New research by global management and consultancy business Bain points to increased wood pellet demand by Europe for electricity production by 2020.

As governments begin to subsidise greener energy sources to reach continental targets, the report puts European pellet demand at 29 million tonnes by the end of the decade, up from 8 million from 2010.

Pellets can be included in positive environmental policies as it produces no net carbon emissions when burnt for power generation.

The report believes that 66% of those pellets will have to be imported however, mainly from places like North America and Brazil. Despite Europe importing a large proportion of its pellets already, Bain analysts warn against ‘putting all its eggs into one basket’.

It is believed the amount of electricity produced worldwide from biomass will rise around 9% per year up to 2020.

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