Biomass could power Indian state

In India the state of Haryana's total energy needs – 1,019MW – could be met by the nation's waste forest and agricultural biomass, according to a study conducted by the Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA).

The state is currently generating 128.11MW of power from renewable energy sources.

The study shows that Haryana's available biomass, after taking into account household consumption and sugarcane biomass, is 8,416.47 thousand tonnes. This equates to 1,019MW of power.

Sirsa has the potential to produce 131MW, while 122MW can be generated in Karnal. Kaithal stands at 89MW, Kurukshetra at 84MW and Fatehabad at 78MW.

Haryana's chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda released the findings of the study, stating that power generated from biomass will make the state independent from fossil materials and create jobs in rural areas.

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