Biomass boost in Nova Scotia if new proposals pass

Power producers in Nova Scotia, Canada will have to start using biomass if proposed electricity regulations come into effect.

The regulations aim to establish more flexibility for Nova Scotia Power to plan for various renewable targets if the project is approved by the Utility and Review Board.

It also states that power accessed through the Maritime Link must also be used, which is a new 500MW direct current transmission system that provides power between the Island of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

‘We all have an interest in pursuing a sustainable fuel supply through cleaner energy sources while protecting and creating good jobs,’ says energy minister Charlie Parker. ‘It is no longer an option to rely on old ways to generate electricity without the support of renewable sources.

‘Adding diversity and more local supply reduces our reliance on costly imported coal, while cleaning up our environment,’ he adds. ‘Biomass and hydroelectricity are a part of our overall strategy, which includes wind and a balanced fossil fuel mix that includes cleaner-burning natural gas.’

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