Biomass boiler in Portugal textiles factory cuts CO2 emissions by 95%

Credit: Carrington Textiles
Credit: Carrington Textiles
Global workwear textile manufacturer Carrington Textiles, along with its joint venture in Portugal, MGC, said it has achieved significant carbon emission reductions following the installation of a biomass boiler at the site last year.
This initiative has allowed the factory to produce 95% of the steam needed for manufacturing while reducing natural gas consumption by 70%, marking a substantial step towards more sustainable textile production practices.
MGC’s biomass boiler uses responsibly sourced wood chips from local forests within a 50 km radius of the factory, all certified by SURE (Sustainable Resources), according to the company.
This raw material consists of leftover wood intended for the paper industry that needs to be removed to prevent fires.
The ash generated in the process is used as soil fertiliser after being treated to avoid soil contamination.
This new equipment is carbon neutral and has allowed the textile manufacturer to decrease its overall CO2 emissions by 45% compared to 2022.
Jose Melo, MGC’s managing director, commented on the achievement: “The installation of the biomass boiler marks a significant milestone in our journey towards driving energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes. The substantial reduction in our CO2 emissions is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship.”
Credit: Carrington Textiles

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