Biokraft will bring biogas investment to Perstorp Industrial Park

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Biokraft, a leading player in Nordic biogas production, has signed an exclusive land agreement with the industrial group Perstorp, allowing the producer to design a biogas plant at the Group's industrial park in Perstorp, Sweden.
The plant's capacity is planned to be 130 GWh of biomethane and 17,000 tonnes of liquid CO2 per year and is expected to be completed in 2027.
Biokraft's long-term goal is to expand its existing production capacity of 585 GWh per year to 3 TWh by 2030.
The planning process will assess the possibility of connecting the plant to the gas grid to distribute the gas to western Sweden and northern Europe.
The plant will use approximately 300,000 tonnes of substrate per year, of which a large majority is manure and other residues from agriculture and the food industry.
The same amount of processed biofertiliser will also leave the plant and go back to agriculture, where it can supplement or replace fossil fertiliser and also contribute to the green transition.
Previously, the plant in Perstorp was planned for another site, but after positive dialogues with both residents, the municipality and Perstorp, this possibility was identified.
"We are very pleased to be able to take another step towards our long-term goal and have the opportunity to contribute to the green transition within the industry sector. Perstorp is a pioneer within the Swedish industrial sector as an advocate for biogas, and we are proud to be able to take the next step in this project," said Michael Wallis Olausson, VP growth, Biokraft.
"Biogas is an important piece of the puzzle in Perstorp's efforts to switch to renewable and recycled raw materials, so contributing to an increased production of this important raw material is something we are very happy about. We believe that biogas production in Sweden needs to be increased fivefold to satisfy the industry's needs, and this initiative is a step on the way," said Michael Cronqvist, site manager, Perstorp.


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